Repiping your new home

How can you tell when it's time to have your pipes replaced? Your home's pipes are the backbone of all of your plumbing systems, and if they start to fail, the only solution is to replace them.

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Water pressure cage on water pipes

1. Low Water Pressure

Do you face low water pressure every time you turn on a faucet? This indicates that there may be a clog or sediment buildup within your pipes. It's vital to address the issue immediately, or you risk dealing with burst pipes.

2. Inconsistent Water Temperature

If you set your water heater to the highest setting but still can't get scalding hot water, the issue likely lies in your pipes. Water temperature fluctuations indicate that the walls within your pipe are growing smaller.

Discoloured smelly water clogging the sink3. Drinking Water Discoloration

Spotting discolored water coming through your pipes is never a good sign. Discolored water is likely due to rust or sediment within your pipes. The only way to resolve the issue is to install a new system with a sturdy material, such as CPVC pipes or galvanized steel pipes.

4. Leaking Pipes

A tell-tale sign that you're due for repiping is experiencing leaky pipes throughout your home. Never ignore a leaking pipe because it can cause significant water damage. The pipes could leak either due to corrosion or age, both of which call for brand-new pipes.

Man holding fish and nose at the same time because of the smell5. Strange Smells

Does your water smell strange? This could be a sign that your pipes are rusty or contain sediment, which could mean they'll need to be replaced.

6. Bad-Tasting Water

Strange smells aren't the only sign that your pipes are contaminating your water. Foul-tasting water is a sure indication there's something wrong with your water supply; if you haven't already, then get your plumbing system checked out.

7. Unusual Noises

Do you have noisy pipes? Banging, shrieking, or other odd noises are signs it's time to repipe your home.

8. Clogs

Frequent clogs may be a sign that your pipes aren't working efficiently; consider replacing them to reduce this problem.

Corroded Old Pipes lined upto be replaced9. Old Pipes

Have you had the same pipes for decades? If so, you may want to get ahead of the game and schedule a replacement.

10. Pipe Corrosion

Finally, corroded pipes call for a total repiping job. If you have lead pipes or copper pipes that start to deteriorate, they can leave your water with a metallic taste or start to rust over time. Signs of corrosion tend to precede dangerous pipe bursts, so take care of this problem immediately with the help of Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Water Clean-Up.

Let a Professional Plumber Inspect Your Plumbing System

Instead of searching the Internet for "repiping services near me," turn to the local experts at Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Water Clean-Up. We replace pipes throughout the entire house with ease so you can avoid recurring pipe leaks and other major plumbing issues. Call our team day or night at (320) 207-1079 to schedule service.