Stop! Don’t Pour That Grease Down The Kitchen Drain!

You heard someone say it. You know you shouldn’t do it. Yet, it’s so convenient! There’s probably a list floating around the internet somewhere of substances you shouldn’t pour down the drain. Pasta and rice come to mind as foods that shouldn’t go down the drain. They expand and can contribute to clogged pipes! Speaking of pasta, you should never put flour in the drain. Flour and water combine to make a glue-like substance that can easily get clogs started. Prescription medications are more substances that should never ever be poured down the drain. Throw them in the garbage bin! There's one more food [...]

Why Water Heater Replacement Should Be Left To The Pros

Your water heater works very hard to provide your home with ample hot water any time of day or night. In fact, it’s probably working right now. Yep! It sure is because water heaters are “On” around the clock regardless if anyone is paying them any attention. When you consider the workload and schedule of a water heater, it’s easy to understand why the average water heater only lasts about 8 to 10 years. On the other hand, considering your water heater works all four seasons, those are excellent numbers! How long would your AC or furnace last if it was on 24/7 for [...]

How To Prevent Plumbing Problems While You Are Out Of Town

You’ve been planning a vacation for a long time, and the day has finally come! You’ve gone over your checklist, your suitcases are packed, and you’re ready to go, right? Not so fast. There’s one item that should be on everyone’s checklist before leaving to go out of town. Have you checked your home’s plumbing? We at MN Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup have put together a plumbing checklist before you leave for your vacation to help prevent you coming home to a plumbing disaster. Here’s what to know. CHECK YOUR TOILETS A common problem with toilets is a leaky flapper valve. The flapper [...]

Should You Pour Grease Down The Drain?

If you’re wondering if it’s really okay to pour grease down your kitchen drain, hold it right there! It’s understandable that pouring grease down the drain can be tempting for a quick cleanup. Just run hot water down the drain along with the hot grease and problem solved, right? Maybe pouring grease down the garbage disposal is better you might ask? Well, wrong on both counts. Keep reading to learn why you should never pour grease down your kitchen drain and what to do with the grease instead. GREASE, KITCHEN DRAINS, AND PIPES DON'T MIX So, you’ve got hot grease in your frying pan [...]

4 Different Types Of Food You NEVER Want To Put Down The Garbage Disposal!

Garbage disposals are found in most kitchens it seems these days and definitely in practically every restaurant. That’s because garbage disposals make cleaning easier, help reduce drain clogs in the kitchen sink, and make kitchens more sanitary. In fact, disposing of food in the garbage disposal reduces bacteria growth in the trash bin and may help keep critters that are foraging for food out of your house and trash. However, there are some types of foods that you NEVER want to put down the garbage disposal. Here’s what to know. HOW GARBAGE DISPOSALS WORK The reason some foods shouldn’t be placed into the [...]

ROTO-ROOTER Plumber of St. Cloud saves a mans life.

It's a great story of being in the right place at the right time.  Colin Harlander was on a service call with Roto Rooter St. Cloud when he noticed something not quite right with the homeowner.    Colins quick action to call 911 saved valuable minutes which allowed for a life saving surgery.   The customer is recovering at a local area hospital.  We are proud of everyone of our employees but today and extra shout to Colin for a job well done. Read the full article by Alex Svejkovsky at WJON here:

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