4 Different Types Of Food You NEVER Want To Put Down The Garbage Disposal!

Garbage disposals are found in most kitchens it seems these days and definitely in practically every restaurant. That’s because garbage disposals make cleaning easier, help reduce drain clogs in the kitchen sink, and make kitchens more sanitary. In fact, disposing of food in the garbage disposal reduces bacteria growth in the trash bin and may help keep critters that are foraging for food out of your house and trash. However, there are some types of foods that you NEVER want to put down the garbage disposal. Here’s what to know.HOW GARBAGE DISPOSALS WORKThe reason some foods shouldn’t be placed into the garbage disposal is [...]

ROTO-ROOTER Plumber of St. Cloud saves a mans life.

It's a great story of being in the right place at the right time.  Colin Harlander was on a service call with Roto Rooter St. Cloud when he noticed something not quite right with the homeowner.    Colins quick action to call 911 saved valuable minutes which allowed for a life saving surgery.   The customer is recovering at a local area hospital.  We are proud of everyone of our employees but today and extra shout to Colin for a job well done. Read the full article by Alex Svejkovsky at WJON here:

How To Select The Best Sump Pump For Your Basement

The most efficient and effective way to extract excess water from your basement or crawl space is with a sump pump. Whether you have a basement prone to flooding or flooding due to heavy rain, your sump pump is an essential appliance that automatically draws water out and sends it to a nearby drain. There are several factors to consider in order to choose the right sump pump for your home, such as type, size, power supply, installation, and draining. Read on to learn how to select the best sump pump for your basement.ABOUT SUMP PUMPSSump pumps are triggered by rising water and turn [...]

Telltale Signs Of Problems In Your Plumbing System

Modern plumbing is a necessity that few would want to live without. Plumbing brings in fresh and clean water to your St. Cloud home and carries away the waste. The plumbing system works around the clock behind the scenes. Yet, does your plumbing receive the periodic attention it needs? Routine plumbing maintenance by your plumbing pro can spot signs of premature failure before major repairs are needed. But, it’s also helpful to know how to recognize telltale signs of plumbing problems yourself before expensive damage occurs. Here’s what to know about spotting plumbing problems in your home. AGE AND MATERIALS OF PIPES Plumbing pipes [...]

Why Is My Water Heater Making Strange Noises?

The water heater is an essential appliance in any St. Cloud home. It provides hot water necessary for bathing, cooking, and cleaning, and it generally does its job efficiently and goes unnoticed. However, perhaps you have noticed your water heater more recently because it is making strange noises. You know, those popping and rumbling noises or even screeching and sizzling sounds. Strange noises from your water heater can be unsettling or even alarming. Well, there’s good reason to be concerned about your water heater if you do hear any of the strange noises coming from it. Read on to learn what causes those noises [...]

Benefits Of HydroVac Excavation

There are many factors that go into deciding how to best excavate a site, whether for plumbing, construction, landscaping, or other project purposes. There are cost and budget considerations, which may rank high on the checklist. Further, there are safety concerns, environmental impact, and productivity components. So, If you need excavation services, read on to learn the benefits of hydrovac excavation and how this non-destructive excavation process may be your best choice. APPLICATIONS OF HYDROVAC EXCAVATION Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive, non-mechanical, and precise excavation process that uses water and a high-powered vacuum to concurrently excavate and evacuate soil. High-pressure water breaks up soil [...]

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