Tips For Preparing Your Home’s Plumbing For Winter

Every fall season, every Minnesotan knows it’s time to prepare for the long, cold winter months. You had your furnace checked out and it’s working fine. You’ve got good lighting outside on those walkways. Maybe you added insulation in your attic to keep your home nice and comfortable. But, have you prepared your home’s plumbing system for winter? Here’s what to know. Winterizing Outdoor Plumbing The first thing you want to do is prepare your outdoor plumbing. Disconnect any garden hoses you have outside and store them for winter. Freezing, expanding water can ruin your garden hoses. Next on your checklist is to [...]

Water Damage: The Need For Speedy Cleanup

Unwanted water somewhere in your home is certainly cause to sound the alarm. If not mitigated quickly, water can damage anything it touches and comes into contact with. That said, water cleanup in a home or business is an extensive job requiring the experience and know-how of trained and certified professionals. DIY cleaning techniques, when it comes to water damage, are almost always simply not enough. Here’s what to do if your home or business sustains water damage. Need For Speedy Cleanup Many things can cause water damage. You may have a sewer line problem, a toilet backup, sump pump failure with basement [...]

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