Garbage disposals are essential appliances in many residential and commercial kitchens, but a clogged, leaky or non-operable disposal can present problems that require a plumbing professional. If your garbage disposal isn’t functioning correctly, contact your local St. Cloud Roto-Rooter Plumbers for immediate service and the right solution.


If you are experiencing any of the following common garbage disposal problems, contact your local St. Cloud Roto-Rooter Plumbers for a quick solution:

  • Foul smells: Foul odors coming from your garbage disposal is often the growth and buildup of bacteria. Buildup occurs in the grinding cylinder and drain. Some home remedies include grinding citrus peels and baking soda. However, ongoing odors should be handled by your professional plumber.
  • Loud operation: An obstruction of some sort is often the culprit for a loud garbage disposal. It’s not safe to try and remove the object yourself, as the object is likely lodged in the grinding teeth or the cylinder.
  • Leaking: A worn gasket at the flange, where the disposal connects to the sink, is often the point of water leaks. This is a challenging repair for anyone and a job for your plumbing pro.
  • Lack of power: When the disposal has no power, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem by flipping the power reset button. If there is still no power, the motor may be bad.
  • Stubborn clogs: Most obstructions and clogs in the garbage disposal are in the drain pipe. This requires professional plumbing tools to remedy. Drain cleaners may damage vital components.
  • Jams: If the garbage disposal is jammed with food, make sure you use running water when grinding. If other obstructions, such as silverware, are causing the jam, the items must be removed.
  • Humming: If the garbage disposal powers on but isn’t grinding, the impeller or motor may be burned out.


Installing a garbage disposal is a tough job. The process is quite involved, and space is cramped. Your St. Cloud Roto-Rooter Plumber has many models for you to choose to fit your budget with a variety of motor sizes. We value your privacy and space. So, our plumbing professionals work efficiently and leave no mess behind. Moreover, with our no-hassle guarantee, you can’t go wrong with Roto-Rooter Plumbers.


Commercial garbage disposals help keep water flowing and pipes clear of clogs. So when your disposal isn’t working at your business, there is a definite impact on productivity and the efficiency of your plumbing system. Commercial garbage disposal problems typically require a professional plumber to resolve the issue, whether a repair or replacement is in order.

If your commercial garbage disposal is on the fritz, your St. Cloud Roto-Rooter Plumbers offer a wide variety of styles of light- to heavy-duty disposals to choose. When you can’t afford down time, contact us at St. Cloud Roto-Rooter to get your kitchen operating at full capacity again.