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Looking for a Local Melrose Residential and Commercial Plumbing Company?

Working with local companies is a great way to serve your community. As a trusted local and family-owned plumbing company in Melrose, Roto-Rooter MN is a fully licensed team eager to resolve all plumbing issues and any plumbing emergency.


Clogs occur when the grease and other objects build up in your pipes over time. When this happens, water can no longer flow through the pipe. Our team can complete a video camera inspection in the clogged drain and perform an excavation to remove any debris.

A clog can affect your garbage disposal, sump pump, toilets, and sinks. Let our Melrose plumbing examiners remove the clog and finish the drain cleaning process to prevent further damage.


Many appliances connect to your water supply. These include washing machines, dishwashers, tankless water heaters, garbage disposal, sinks, toilets, and showers.

When you need to install a new appliance, turn to our professional plumbers. Reach out to Roto-Rooter MN for professional water heater and dishwasher installation or replacement services.


There is no right way to prepare for floods. However, there is a smart way to recover after flooding. Let professional plumbers handle the water clean-up process, including basement flooding clean-up, total water removal, and repairs to affected plumbing fixtures.

Sewer Services

If you’re experiencing sewage backups, you need a trusted, locally owned and operated plumbing company. Sometimes, you need another company to complete a central sewer line drain cleaning. Once this waste removal is complete, Roto-Rooter MN can run cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining for a trenchless plumbing repair for your sewage system.

Water Tank Issues

Your water heater is integral to running hot water throughout your home. Without hot water, you can’t comfortably bathe or run appliances.

If your water heaters make loud noises, it’s time to call a plumber. Our team assesses your water heater and nearby plumbing to ensure they continue operating efficiently.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes for a residential or commercial structure require plumbing experts. Pipe bursting commonly occurs in the Minnesota winters when lines freeze, forcing overwhelming pressure through them.

Sometimes, a burst pipe simply needs a leak repair. Other times, broken pipes require replacement.

Depending on the damaged pipe, you’ll need either a pipe, shower repair, sink and faucet repair, or toilet repair. Whatever you need, our team has ample experience offering a full range of services for residential and commercial buildings.


Roto-Rooter MN is a family-owned and operated company passionate about doing an excellent job on every service call. With hundreds of satisfied customers and a portfolio of completed work, we are confident in our ability to resolve your plumbing woes.

Call us at (320) 207-1079 to schedule a service with the leading plumbing company in Melrose, MN.

Our promise is to deliver the highest quality customer services possible! 

Roto-rooter Plumbing and Water Cleanup is backed by one of the nation’s largest leading sewer drain, and water cleanup companies.  Every employee goes through a thorough vetting process, so we can ensure you’ll experience nothing less than trusted, high-quality work. Feel confident choosing us because…

  1.  A Roto-Rooter plumber will answer your call 24/7/365.
  2.  We offer a no-hassle guarantee and never charge overtime!
  3.  We have an experienced and trusted crew.
  4.  We serve residential, commercial and government clients.
  5. We’re based in Sauk Rapids to service central Minnesota.

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