All of our St. Cloud Roto-Rooter Plumbers are licensed and insured so that you can trust the quality and professionalism of our work. We are ready to service your home’s pipe problems, day or night and any day of the year, and give you premium, high-quality service.

This is important because the pipes in your home are the veins and arteries of your home’s plumbing system. St. Cloud Roto-Rooter Plumbers are experts in pipe repair, replacement and cleaning. We are prepared to correct a number of potential problems to include:

  • Pipe blockage (e.g. Grease buildup or a foreign object restrict proper water flow)
  • Broken, cracked, offset or collapsed pipes (e.g. Fixing pipes that have been damaged from frozen ground, shifting soil, settling and more)
  • Pipe corrosion (e.g. The pipe has deteriorated to the point of breakage or collapse, which restricts flow)
  • Leaking joints (e.g. The seals between pipes have broken down, which allows water to escape into the surrounding area)
  • Bellied pipe (e.g. A section of pipe has sunk due to soil conditions, which creates a valley that collects waste)
  • Off-grade pipe (e.g. Your home’s existing pipes were constructed of substandard material that may deteriorate and corrode)
  • Root in sewer pipe (e.g. Tree roots or shrub roots have invaded the sewer line, which have caused damage to the line preventing normal cleaning and service)

Pipe Services Offered: