Bathroom remodeling projects make for quite an adventure. The process of remodeling a bathroom—especially the master bathroom—can seem to take on a life of its own. The bathroom renovation takes root in your dreams and sprouts in your planning. The project experiences growing pains through countless questions and tough decisions. Then, at last, your bathroom remodel blooms into a rewarding endeavor nourished by your undaunted determination.

If this account rings true—and energizes you all the more—you must be planning a bathroom remodel! Read through the following plumbing dos and don’ts of bathroom remodeling in Central Minnesota to ensure your project flows smoothly.

Know Your Bathroom Plumbing Particulars

When it comes time to renovate your bathroom, knowing the particulars of bathroom pipes is a great advantage. For example, pipes that run through walls rather than floors are generally easier to access. This is valuable information if you are planning to change the layout of your bathroom. Further, if your home is very old, you would do well to replace the pipes with modern pipes that can supply ample water to new fixtures for years to come.

Plumbing Upgrades To Consider

In addition to upgrading old pipes during a bathroom remodel project, you may want to consider updating the floor drains if you are installing a walk-in shower to replace a bathtub. There are a few reasons for this. Local building code may require the larger drain. This may not seem logical—a shower needs a larger drain than a bathtub? Bathtubs typically have dedicated vent pipes. If the shower won’t have a dedicated vent pipe, it will need a larger drain. Furthermore, showers don’t have an overflow drain. So, a wider drain could come in handy to prevent bathroom flooding and water damage.

Water Heater Considerations

Water heaters should be replaced or upgraded when the old water heater fails, when you want a new high-efficiency water heater, and/or when your current water heater doesn’t supply enough hot water for your needs. If you are installing an over-sized tub or a beautiful multi-head shower, you may need more hot water than you previously did. Talk to your plumber to see which water heating solution is right for you, such as tankless water heating, point-of-use water heating, and/or multiple storage tank water heaters. You have options!

Don’t Wing It! Consult a Pro

While the typical bathroom is small in comparison to the other rooms in a home, there are more services to consider—namely the plumbing. Careful planning is important to do the job safely and to correctly estimate the time and costs involved with a bathroom remodel. Several resources for planning are available online and even on phone apps. However, consulting a pro plumber is invaluable information to have. Further, you’re going to consult a professional plumbing company during the bathroom remodel anyway. For the best results, don’t wing it, and consult a pro from the beginning!

Don’t Forget About the Toilet!

Lastly, don’t forget about the toilet! In addition to color and style, you have other options to consider for your new toilet. Upgrading to a high-efficiency toilet that uses less water helps improve the functionality of your bathroom. A heated toilet seat would certainly be appreciated. Also, consider the height of your current toilet. Do you want a toilet a few inches taller? How much space do you currently have around the toilet and how much would you like. A different shaped toilet may help.

When you’re planning your bathroom remodel in Central Minnesota, contact MN Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup for a consultation. We’ll help ensure you get the best results from this exciting home improvement project! Call us at (320) 207-1079 or contract us online!