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About one-quarter of American homes have septic tanks installed. Septic systems are responsible for removing unwanted wastewater away from your home. When they malfunction, you could be facing an extremely frustrating situation.

Part of ensuring that your system continues to work correctly is scheduling a regular maintenance septic service to pump it out. Over time, grease and grime can collect and affect septic operations. Without a regular pump-out, a thick layer of build-up will prevent the septic systems from working efficiently.

Roto-Rooter is a professional pump and septic services company in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. We help homeowners and businesses protect their septic systems by providing a thorough septic cleaning and pump-outs. From installation to septic tank pumping, we offer a wide variety of services in Saint Cloud.

When Should You Schedule a Septic System Pump Service?

We generally recommend that you schedule a pump service for your home or business septic tank system every three to five years. This is because septic tanks constantly carry a mix of solid waste and wastewater. Over time, this debris can build up in the septic tank, leading to excessive grease and grime.

Without a regular pumping service, a grease trap can build up in the system, affecting your clean water and plumbing pipes. In more severe cases, grease and grime build-up can cause significant damage to your septic system, leading to an expensive repair service.

Scheduling a regular pumping septic service keeps your Saint Cloud septic tank clean and protects the efficiency of your plumbing system.

The Pumping Septic Service Process (Yes, We Service In The Winter)

Find the Septic Tanks

It is not uncommon for homeowners or businesses to not know the location of their septic tanks. This is because septic tanks are typically underground, as are their connecting pipes.

If you don’t know where your septic system is, fret not. Roto-Rooter works with septic tanks around Saint Cloud, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas. We know where to look for your septic tank and can help you find it before starting the pumping process.

Dig It Up

Since tanks are underground, we need to dig into the dirt to find the tank lid. In addition, some septic systems have two entry points rather than one. In this case, we will need to dig up both locations.

Many customers worry about having a big hole in their yard or around their business. When we dig to access the tank lid, we use a tarp to secure the removed dirt. Then, once the pumping process is complete, we fill back in the hole and replace the sod.

Pump the Tank

After locating and digging up the tank, we start the septic tank pumping service. First, we take durable hoses from our truck and run them over to the tank. Then, we use the hose to perform a thorough septic cleaning and pump out grease and grime.

Every pumping service also includes removing, cleaning, and reinstalling the effluent filter.

Finish Up the Pumping Service Process

Once we are confident that the pump service job is done right, we replace the cap and refill the dirt and grass. Every pump service comes with the proper paperwork so you can have the details of our pumping job for your record. We will also get in touch with you within the following weeks to check up on the result of our pumping service.


Proper Septic Service Maintenance

To reduce grease trap potential, follow these simple maintenance steps.

  1. Take care of your toilet by only flushing items that it can handle.
  2. Pay attention to water efficiency.
  3. Keep the drain field clean.
  4. Call a pumping expert as soon as you notice an issue.

Septic Tank Cleaning Services in Saint Cloud

At Roto-Rooter, we strive to serve the community by providing a high-quality septic service with a courteous attitude. Whether you need new tanks installed or are looking for a septic service repair, our experts are ready to provide septic services in Saint Cloud, MN, and the surrounding areas.

We offer expert septic service for your Minnesota home or business. With a courteous attitude and years of installation and repair service experience, our pump service experts are ready to address all of your septic system needs.

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