Between a broken heating element and a faulty pressure relief valve, it can be challenging to determine the source of the problem when you need a water heater repair. Some issues warrant further services. Knowing the signs you need a water heater replacement in St. Cloud can help you save money on repeated repairs.

St. Cloud, MN, residents understand how crucial it is to have a properly working water heater to combat Minnesota’s harsh winters and maintain household tasks. A new water heater offers ample hot water and a durable tank, and in this blog, we offer advice on knowing when it’s time to get a replacement.

Signs You Need a Water Heater Replacement in St. Cloud

Your Water Heater Is Ten Years Old or More

Whether you have an electric water heater or a gas water heater, most only last around ten years, as the tank’s efficiency significantly decreases after this point. Your warranty may still be valid if your unit develops issues before the ten-year mark. Tankless water heaters last substantially longer and provide continuous heat. With proper maintenance, some can last up to 20 years.

Consistent Hot Water Problems

Between only getting warm water and not heating water at all, issues such as no hot water indicate you may have faulty heating elements. Whether it’s a defective gas burner or an electrical problem, it can be hazardous to use your hot water heater when these problems occur. Temperatures can be unpredictable, resulting in burns and other inconveniences.

Water Heater Leaking Water

As another of the most common signs you need a water heater replacement, it’s vital to remember a leaky water heater causes significant damage in little time. As your tank wears down with corrosion from acidic water, the unit develops microscopic holes, eventually causing leaks. You’ll need a professional to replace the unit to avoid water heater repairs, water damage restoration, and high utility bills.

If you notice water coming from the unit’s exterior, seek plumbing assistance immediately.

Rumbling Noises From the Water Heater

Hard water and calcified minerals create sediment buildup inside your hot water tank. After continuous use and no maintenance, your water heater may begin making strange noises like rumbling and banging. As the tank heats your water supply, the heater makes these noises as corroded material hits the tank’s walls.

Hissing from a damaged pressure valve is another severe problem that requires a professional inspection.

Get Replacement For Water Heaters in St. Cloud, MN

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